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Apsaalooke Elders

Apsáalooke Elders Program

Outreach - Advocacy - Support

Messengers for Health has received funding from the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples to develop and implement a project focused on Strengthening Supports for Elders in Indigenous Communities. This funding is provided by the Cargill Foundation. This new project is titled, Apsaalooke Elders Support Project.

The project will provide community outreach, advocacy, and support services to our elders in the Apsaalooke community.

We will honor our elders’ voices and allow them to share with us what support services they need. Then we will directly provide these services to them.


We are very excited about this new project! Our hope is to bring back honor respect, and value for our elders and most importantly improve their well-being.

Elders Advocate

Sidney Fitzpatrick, Jr, a tribal elder. is serving as the Elders Advocate for this endeavor.

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