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What is a Messenger?


Crow community members who have established trust and respect with the Crow Indian people. Trained in health education outreach,they call on friends and relatives to dispense the most contemporary of information and encouragement in the same way Crow women have learned about health and life for centuries – through tribeswomen who they trust and respect.  

A Messengers is recognized in the community as an individual who:


  • Others seek out for support and advice

  • Is open and interested in sharing their culture

  • Will maintain confidentiality

  • Is involved in the community

  • Have integrity

  • Is knowledgeable, but humble

  • Is respectful and respected


The Advocates are honored to be in this position. They have committed to spend the time and energy to partner with IHS healthcare providers to support them in delivering high quality health care to the community and in making this project a success. They are interested in learning about IHS and about their provider partner and being a bridge builder between IHS and the Crow community.

Interested in Becoming a Messenger?
  • Contact Alma McCormick for more information: 406-665-5492.

  • You will be asked to write a brief essay about why you want to become a Messenger.



  • Your essay will be presented to our Advisory Board for approval



  • When approved, you will be asked to sign a Roles and Responsibilities Contract



  • You will then receive orientation training

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